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Child custody

Are you having trouble getting custody of your child? You can see your child again with the assistance of Mallon Law Offices' experienced attorneys. As knowledgeable and experienced Delaware County family law attorneys we're dedicated to getting you the best results.


You can fight for child and spousal support with our help. We're experienced in handling difficult court situations and will help you work on settling out-of-court so you can move on.

Helping you spend more time with your child

Know what to expect with our child and spousal support services

We'll run support calculations so you know approximately what you could get or would owe for child or spousal support. Our attorneys will explain how the domestic relations department works and what you can expect from the court system with regards to your support issues.


It’s important to know what you can and should receive for support, which helps you to know if you will be financially solvent through the support process. On the other hand, it is also important to know how much you will owe for child or spousal support.

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Be prepared for your child custody case

Child custody can be a very devastating experience. Our office will not only explain your legal rights but with our years of experience going into court, but we can also explain how the court system works in the county. We will work together with you to achieve your custody goals.


We provide help with all types of custody cases, including primary, joint and sole. There are also legal and physical custody obstacles that you will go through. Our attorneys can help you navigate these very difficult waters you are in with regards to custody and your children.

Providing You With the Best Legal Assistance, so You Can Get Custody of Your Child