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Do you need assistance with a divorce or child support? Get the help you need from experienced attorneys who are dedicated to getting you the most favorable outcome in family court. The lawyers at Mallon Law Offices will use their 20 years of family law experience to fight for you.

Over 20 years experience looking out for your best legal interest

Offering a variety of legal family law services

  • Divorce

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  • Child custody

  • Protection from abuse

  • Equitable distribution

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Getting a divorce can be tough for you, emotionally and financially. Don't stress out over separating from your soon-to-be ex-spouse. Mallon Law Offices can assist you with all types of divorce, from no-fault to contested cases. We've been dedicated divorce attorneys for over 20 years.


We offer you a comprehensive 1-hour consultation so you can leave our office with lots of info and knowledge to prepare you for a divorce. Our attorneys are familiar with Delaware County's family court system.

Make your divorce an easy process with our assistance

What to expect with our comprehensive divorce services

  • When you meet with me I will exlain the divorce process in Pennsylvania and discuss your legal rights.

  • Not only will we discuss this in our initial consultation, we will also speak about child custody, child and spousal support, and your economic issues.

  • I prepare property settlement agreements once you and your spouse can come to an agreement. If both of you can agree on all economic terms I can keep you out of the court room. Let my years of negotiation skills work for you to achieve that goal of not having to step into a court room.

  • I am always ready and prepared to go to court when that time comes, but I will always let you fully know your options, so you can make the decision of how you want to proceed.

Are you having trouble getting custody of your child? We will fight aggressively to help you gain custody of your child. As knowledgeable and experienced Delaware County family law attorneys we're dedicated to getting you the best results.

Helping you spend more time with your child

Know what to expect with our child and spousal support services

We'll run support calculations so you know approximately what you could get or would owe for child or spousal support. Our attorneys will explain how the domestic relations department works and what you can expect from the court system with regards to your support issues.


We provide help with all types of custody cases, including primary, joint and sole. There are also legal and physical custody obstacles that you will go through. Contact us at 610-461-8200 for more details.

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